Shannon and Trent

Shannon and Trent wanted a rustic, mountain wedding that would share everything they loved about each other and Colorado. From the mint tulle hanging at the ceremony site to the centerpiece antlers and pinecones at the tables; every detail was well thought out and shared a piece of their lives with their guests. The bridesmaid’s carried sunflowers and wore cowgirl boots while the groomsmen were dressed in suits, representing Shannon and Trent’s personalities perfectly. Shannon and Trent used pictures of themselves as the table numbers, showing each of them at the age that matched the number at the table. Shannon and Trent also had a mountain cake topper that involved their beloved dog Duke and did their toast with blue champagne! At the end of the day, all Shannon and Trent wanted was an amazing party and celebration with the people that matter most to them, and that is exactly what their day was!

In Fall of 2014, Shannon and Trent both went to a mutual friend’s house to hangout. Shannon was thinking a girl’s night with yoga pants, movies, and wine. Trent came to have some guy time. The night turned into them playing games and Shannon giving Trent a hard time, and of course talking plenty of hogwash to him. They had a great night together, but went their separate ways not thinking anything would come of their first meeting. After a few weeks, Shannon was going out downtown with the same mutual friends and messaged Trent to come. They had a great night hanging out, talking, and getting to know each other. If you ask Trent, this was the night Shannon made the first move and kissed him, however that’s not how she remembers it. They continued to talk but didn’t see each other again until Shannon was pig sitting for her friend. Trent used this as an opportunity to see Shannon again, telling her that he didn’t believe she was pig sitting and he had to come see for himself. They were both super nervous to hangout for the first time alone, but once Shannon opened the door the nerves were quickly settled; it was like old friends meeting again. Trent then took Shannon to get her favorite food group- ice cream. They stood in the freezing cold line at Little Man Ice Cream, where Trent simply got Vanilla ice cream! (his favorite). Even though Shannon was confused why they froze so Trent could get an ice cream sold at a grocery store, they had a good night talking and quickly made plans to see each other again the next day.  The next morning, they went driving in the mountains to look at the Fall colors and the rest is history.

On May 26, 2017 Trent took the day off work to take Shannon on a hike and made her promise that she would hike even though the forecast was calling for rain. Being the blonde she is, she didn’t catch on to any of the signs about how special this hike would be. Even when they showed up to the trail head at “Surprise Lake” and Shannon realized that Trent packed a blanket and picnic, she was still completely oblivious. The hike was more snow packed than Trent had expected, and it was difficult to follow the trail, frustrating Trent about maybe not making it to the lake. Shannon kept telling him it was okay if they turned around, they could hike this trail again sometime in the summer, but Trent was oddly determined to make it to the lake. After three failed attempts at finding the right trail in ankle deep snow, they decided to turn around. Trent thought of a backup spot on the way back down the trail of where the moment would happen. They stopped at a creek passing and Trent asked Shannon to join him on the little bridge before they sat down to eat (to which Shannon was NOT happy about- she just wanted to eat!). On the bridge, Trent got down on one knee and Shannon was not sure what was really happening until he pulled out a ring box! Shannon was very familiar with the box because it was the box that contained her Grandmother’s wedding ring. After what seemed like forever to Trent (while he held tightly onto the ring, so it didn’t drop in the creek), Shannon finally realized what was happening and said yes! They had a wonderful picnic lunch, an amazing dinner downtown to celebrate, and ended their perfect day at Little Man Ice Cream- the place where it all began.

Shannon spent the night before the wedding with her bridesmaids and mother at a hotel, while Trent stayed at their house with his cousin. On the morning of July 27th, 2018 Shannon, her mother, and her four bridesmaids woke up and headed to Styl’m’up in Lakewood to get their hair and make-up done. Shannon has known Shelly at Styl’m’up her whole life and was the only person Shannon trusted to do her hair and make-up for her big day. While the girls enjoyed coffee, mimosas, and breakfast at the salon, the boys met up for brunch before heading to the hotel to get ready. The photographer met the wedding party at the hotel to take pictures of the girls getting ready in their robes, as well as Trent getting dressed into his tux. After getting into her dress, Shannon headed up to Genesee Park where Trent was waiting for her for their first look.

Shannon didn’t realize the nerves she would have as she walked up to her blindfolded groom who patiently waited for her. Once she saw Trent, all her nerves quickly subsided and she couldn’t wait to take the blindfold! Trent’s reaction to seeing Shannon in her dress was priceless and his face in the first look picture says it all. Shannon had surprised Trent by adding mint tulle to her dress as her “something blue” on the wedding day, he was so excited to see her personality show through on their wedding day!

After taking pictures with the wedding party, everyone headed to The Pines for the ceremony. at 4:30, Shannon’s dad picked her up at the front door in his red 1960 Triumph TR3 to drive her to the top of the aisle. Shannon couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle to the love of her life! During the ceremony Shannon and Trent did a three-cord braid, braiding together the strands that represent God, Shannon, and Trent. After saying their “I Do’s” Shannon and Trent walked up the aisle to a classic Grease song and then drove off in the red 1960 Triumph TR3 sports car. After pictures, family and friends joined together for an amazing dinner, toasts, delicious cupcakes, and an awesome dance party!

Vendor List:

Venue: The Pines at Genesee

Photographer: Spika Photography-Chelsea Spika

DJ : Quality Mobile Sound-Jon Hawkins

Cake/Cupcakes:  Gold Mine Cupcakes

Officiant : Rev. Scott Awbrey

Hair/Make-up: Shelly Reicke- Styl m’ up

Florist :Crab Apple Creek Flower Co- Tami Kramer