Kristie and Tyler

Kristie and Tyler both share a competitive nature when it comes to sports. The two had joined their friends at Sloan Lake and spent their summer participating in a social volleyball league. They first met as opponents and spent the summer as rivals. As the league continued, Kristie became impressed with Tyler’s volleyball skills – it was a bonus that he was also really cute – and asked him if he wanted to join her team in an indoor volleyball session for the fall season. Tyler could not resist Kristie’s charm and agreed to join her team.

Shortly after, the two began hanging out, and Tyler asked Kristie out on their first date. The couple headed to dinner and to some late night mini golf. While enjoying the night, putting at the 12th hole, the lights in the entire golf complex went out – they assumed perhaps the employees forgot they were still there. Both in shock, the two started laughing. Kristie proceeded to pull out her phone and turn on the flash light and said, “Oh, we’re still finishing this game.” It was that moment that Tyler knew this was going to be something special.

In September of 2017, the couple headed up to the mountains to see the beautiful Colorado fall leaf colors. The two had miserably failed trying to seeing the fall colors the year before and were determined to succeed this year. They found a charming nesting spot by Evergreen, Colorado and began their trek. Kristie was busy taking photos of the beautiful colors, without a care in the world, and seemingly not knowing that Tyler had something up his sleeve – rather had something in his pocket. Tyler suggested that they continue along the trail in search of more trees and photo opportunities. They continued for another twenty minutes and found a secluded area with a nearby creek. “You should take a photo of that creek,” said Tyler. Kristie thought that was a weird request but did so anyways. As she turned back to Tyler, he placed her hands into his and got down on one knee. He was shaking as a he spoke but was comforted when Kristie let out a big “YES!” It was a sweet moment shared between both of them, and Kristie will always have that photo of that random creek.

The next 9 months were a blur as the two and their family and friends prepared for their wedding. Tyler and Kristie choose June 8th, 2018 as their wedding date. Kristie had always dreamed of having a “June Wedding,” but this date holds an even more significant meaning. June 8th is also her Grandma Ayako and Grandpa Joe’s wedding anniversary. The day was overcast yet a warm early summer day. For fear that Kristie would break down crying (tears of joy of course) at the sight of Tyler, the two met face to face just before the start of the ceremony and shared a big hug and kiss before they both walked down the aisle of the Aspen Terrace. Tyler came down with his mother first, and then the wedding party full of family and friends followed suit. Kristie was escorted by her father and met her mother and Grandmother at the end of the aisle. Nothing could shake away her huge smile as she locked eyes with her husband-to-be. Tyler’s uncle officiated the ceremony adding mentions of their competitiveness but love for fuzzy blankets. The couple exchanged their own vows and were given roses as a symbol to remember to always forgive, cherish and keep one another. Everyone cheered as they kissed as husband and wife.

The reception soon followed as guests gathered in the lower space of the Pines. Kristie and Tyler, with the incredible help of their family and friends created DIY decorations for the entire venue, including signs, centerpieces and flower arrangements. As the night continued, the newlyweds called for the bridal party and grandchildren of Grandma Ayako. Everyone left the room and returned wearing traditional Japanese Happi coats. They gathered in a circle as Grandma Ayako stood up and joined the group. The DJ began to play Tanko Bushi, a Japanese Folk Song, and everyone began to dance in dedication to Grandma Ayako and Grandpa Joe for sharing their wedding anniversary with the newlyweds and in remembrance of all Tyler and Kristie’s grandparents. It was certainly a night remember.

Vendor List:

Photography: Bellagala

DJ: DJ RIPM (Josh Estrada)

Videography: Steven Thai (Kristie’s Former Student)

Bride’s Dress: David’s Bridal

Groom’s Tux: Men’s Warehouse

Flowers: White roses, purple roses and blue hydrangeas from Sam’s Club

Cupcakes/Cutting Cake: Sam’s Club

Hair: Preslee Hairstyle

Make up: Cindy Hollon (Kristie’s little sister)