Kimberly and Chad are both Colorado natives. Growing up nearly 15 minutes from one another and also attending the same collage but never speaking, were all just a part of the universe bringing them together at the right time in their lives. Officially meeting in Denver at Avanti’s one night about two years ago, the first look was all they needed to fall for one another. Their first date on the ski slope in Keystone, while playing in the trees through fresh powder, they both had a moment looking into each other’s eyes, they both realized the other was the “one”.  Since then the two adventure together consistently, creating memories everywhere they go and making sure to pick a rock up from all places they have been.

December of 2016 the couple headed up to Moab Utah for a getaway 4wheeling trip with Chad’s parents Paul and Paula and two of their friends Mark and Katie. Kimberly had never been before and was beyond excited to experience the beauty of all the arches and trails and add this place to their adventure map, and not having a clue what was about to happen… The next afternoon after an entire day out on the trails, the group took a short break to walk out onto Gemini bridges, an incredible natural structure representing two bridges overlooking a 250 ft. drop over a canyon. Most would have turned back the other way, but Chad and Kimberly ran across to see the magnificent structure, where the parents cautiously followed behind not knowing what was about to take place. While standing on the edge of the bridge Chad and Kimberly peering over the side Chad quietly got down on one knee and told her that he had found the perfect rock! She turned and saw the most beautiful, perfect ring or “rock” in the world!!! Of course she said yes with no hesitation, and to their surprise Katie and Mark captured the entire moment on video along with Paul and Paula reacting to this as well, completely priceless!

The next 10 months flew bye. Their wedding was beyond perfect. Both Kimberly and Chad wanting to follow the tradition of not seeing one another before the ceremony, but did share a moment around a corner interlocking fingers while their family peered in on them. The weather was about 36 degrees and windy, but Kimberly wanted the beauty of the Aspen terrace more than anything so the wedding continued outside.  Chad walked in his whole immediate family, both grandparents and parents which was such a special moment he was able to share. Now the wedding party started heading down towards him. Kimberly standing with her father at the top of the hill, a giant burst of wind came up and she turned to him and asked if her hair and face looked okay, he responded with “you are perfect, the most beautiful bride I have ever seen”. Of course this made the two share some heartfelt tears as they headed down the aisle together.  That first look for the couple was breathtaking. Chad’s family’s Pastor Scott presented them into marriage with both the bride and groom mothers giving the readings.  Despite the cold weather the warmth from the couples vows overcame this. The reception followed inside in the lower space of the Pines which was incredible. Kimberly and her friends did DIY decorations for both the ceremony and the reception and it all came together like a fairytale. The night flew by too fast and the couple wishes they could go back and do it all over again. They did get to have a moment together just outside the space in the field where a beautiful deer joined them, letting the photographers capture an epic photo while all the guests looked out at the loving newlyweds.  Speaking to the couple the next day they stated there was not one thing they would have changed, it was completely magical!


Photography: Matthew Marsh Photography

Bride’s Dress:  Felice’s Bridal

Groom’s Tux: Men’s Warehouse

Flowers: Babies Breath from Costco

Cupcakes/Cutting Cake: Gigi’s Cupcakes

DJ: DJ Digi with DTP events

Hair: Ellie Hanson with Karma Salon

Makeup: Brooke Rock