It was a warm summer day in June 2010 when Kaleigh saw Mikey from across the room for the first time. Mikey was in orientation for a job at the restaurant where Kaleigh worked. She immediately asked a coworker about the handsome new employee but was told that he was too young for her and that he already had a girlfriend (neither of which turned out to be true!).

About a month went by as the two worked opposite schedules and only briefly saw each other in passing until one special night. Both Kaleigh and Mikey had the night off of work and they separately decided to go out with friends. They just so happened to both end up at the same bar in downtown Denver. This time, Mikey spotted Kaleigh from across the room and decided to approach her. They laughed and flirted for a while but Mikey was nervous to tell Kaleigh that he liked her. A little later in the night, a friend of Mikey’s pulled Kaleigh aside and insisted that she should give him a chance because he really liked her. It wasn’t long after that conversation that they shared their first kiss and began falling in love.

On Christmas Eve 2015, Kaleigh and Mikey were preparing a delicious meal with Kaleigh’s family in Golden. While they were waiting for dinner to finish baking, everyone decided to take some pictures in front of the Christmas tree. They took a few silly pictures and then, as Kaleigh was beginning to step aside, Mikey grabbed her hand as well as the ring box he had hidden in the tree. He told her how much he loved her, got on one knee, and proposed! Kaleigh burst out in tears of joy and said yes in front of her whole family. It was truly a magical Christmas Eve!

August 4, 2017 began as a warm but partly cloudy day. Kaleigh woke up with her bridesmaids at the Comfort Suites in Evergreen and got ready with mimosas. Mikey had brunch with his groomsmen and then got ready at their house in Denver. Early in the afternoon, a limo picked up Mikey and the groomsman and dropped them off at The Pines before going to get the girls from the hotel.

At 4:30pm, Kaleigh joined arms with her father and walked down the aisle to marry the love of her life. During the ceremony, Kaleigh and Mikey performed a “blended waters” ceremony. They each brought water from a place that was special to them during their childhood. Kaleigh brought water from the stream that runs through the yard of her childhood home in Evergreen. Mikey had a friend get him water from the fountains at Coors Field since he’s been a Rockies fan his whole life and basically grew up there. Right about the time Kaleigh and Mikey began saying their vows, the sun broke through the clouds at the perfect moment. Following the ceremony, friends and family joined together with Kaleigh and Mikey for a delicious dinner, toasts, dancing, a homemade photo booth, and cupcakes. It was an absolutely beautiful and amazing day for the happy couple!


Photographer: Felicia Marti

DJ: Jammin DJs

Flowers: Frontrange Florals

Cake and Cupcakes: Gold Mine Cupcakes

Dress- Designer: Mia Solano, Style: Baylin, Store: Luv Bridal