Beautiful.  Effortless.  Perfect.  This is how Jana and Mark described their wedding day.  Thanks to Regan and all the staff at The Pines, all the bride and groom had to do was be in the moment and enjoy their day.  Regan took care of the details and timing, friends set up the reception decorations, and the beauty of the evergreens, dark rock, green grass, and blue skies set the outdoor decor.

Although Jana and Mark lived within a couple miles of each other for years, their paths never crossed.  It wasn’t until they both happened to try online dating that Jana caught Mark’s eye.  He reached out and asked for Jana’s phone number.  She obliged, which she rarely did before meeting someone.  They talked for a week before meeting, another thing Jana rarely did.  Then they went out for sushi on a Sunday night.  They enjoyed great conversation, whiskey old fashioned’s, and lots of yummy sushi.  They followed up with a second date where Jana met Mark’s new puppy, Axe.  After that, Jana and Mark were pretty much inseparable.

Mark planned a surprise getaway for Jana’s birthday in June.  He told her a couple days prior to leaving that they would be going to Beaver Creek.  He had rented a beautiful place on the creek in Beaver Creek Village.  The plans were to enjoy food and drink and take a hike up to an alpine lake.  After opening Jana’s birthday presents, they took off on their hike.  It was a beautiful warm day, but as they hiked higher in elevation they encountered more and more snow to trek through.  Mark was nervous that Jana would want to turn around since the snow was getting deeper but she happily trekked on.  Once they reached the beautiful yet still half frozen lake, he said he had one more birthday present for her.  It was then he got down on one knee and popped the question!  After tears, a couple of swear words and an ecstatic YES, the two were officially engaged!

Mark and Jana’s wedding day was absolutely perfect.  In traditional fashion, they agreed not to see each other until Jana walked down the aisle.  This was Mark’s one big request.  They did, however, share a quiet moment together before the ceremony, standing back to back while holding hands.  As the ceremony approached, the excitement and anticipation continued to build.  Although they were a little nervous about rain as storm clouds rolled in, no rain fell.  The overcast sky cooled the air a bit and created beautiful light for photographs.  Surrounded by the family and friends they loved most, Jana and Mark were married as the sun peaked through the evergreens on the Evergreen Terrace.  Their dear friend delivered a heartfelt speech, a prayer was offered by Mark’s father, and the bride and groom recited vows they wrote themselves.  Throughout the day, Jana and Mark made sure to step back and take everything in, something they were very thankful they did because just as everyone says, the day flew by way too quickly.  Mark and Jana wish they could repeat their perfect day over and over!


Bride’s Dress: The Bridal Collection
Groom’s Tux: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair: Hayley Styles
Makeup: Alli B
Flowers: The Ruffly Rose
Photography: Jackie Cooper Photo
Cupcakes/Cutting Cake: Gigi’s Cupcakes
DJ: Quality Mobile Sound
Alcohol: Applejack Wine and Spirits