Aubrey and James were set up by mutual friends.  After their first date both Aubrey and James knew that something was very different than any other dates they had been on before. James told all of his friends “this one is different, I need to woo her” and woo her he did. James worked hard at setting up follow up dates and continued to surprise Aubrey at every turn. After the festivities of their second date were over, Aubrey and James did not want to stop being together. They spontaneously went to Brother’s Bar. During the Rascal Flatts song “Riot” the couple kissed for the very first time. After this magical first kiss the couple couldn’t get enough of each other and stayed together laughing and talking until the wee hours of the morning.

Aubrey and James continued to spend as much time as possible together and loved life more and more each day!  Over the next months the couple continued to fall deeply in love. Many of their friends and family said things like “you were just meant to be” and “you guys are basically the same person”

Months and months went by. Seasons changed and time passed. James and Aubrey were so in love that it spilled out for everyone who saw them to see.
James knew that Aubrey was his forever, and Aubrey knew that James was her’s.

James, being a tactical planner, contacted Aubrey’s best friend and cousin, Emily, to be in on the proposal. James asked Emily to conspire to plan a girls weekend for her and Aubrey in San Francisco. However, the girls weekend was never a girls weekend!  James planned to show up in San Francisco in the middle of the girls weekend to give Aubrey the biggest surprise of her life!

James flew into San Francisco a day after Aubrey and Emily. Emily and James knowing Aubrey’s love of light and photography, had planned for Aubrey to do a sunrise shoot at a spot that overlooked the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. James got to Battery Spencer Park an hour before Aubrey and Emily were supposed to arrive and waited in the fog and wind in a concrete bunker behind “the spot.”  Emily texted James upon their arrival and the stage was set. Aubrey and Emily waited and waited for the morning fog to lift so they could get shots of the sunrise.  However, Aubrey was getting impatient with the fog and Emily could tell that it was time, so she gave James the go and he emerged from the bunker and came out of the fog towards his future wife. Aubrey looked to her right and was completely shocked to see James walking up to her in San Francisco! Aubrey exclaimed “WHAT!?” She knew what James was doing as we walked up to her by the look on his face. Aubrey says “He could hide the ring box but not the look on his face” as he was walking up to her.James got down on one knee and asked Aubrey to be his wife. Of course, Aubrey said YES!

James and Aubrey’s wedding day was everything that they dreamed of! They fell in love with the Pines at their first visit. Aubrey is a photographer and so a beautiful venue was at the very top of her priorities when it came to planning their big day!  When Vivian told them that they had breakfast food and brunch reception time as an option, they just knew that’s what they wanted to do and locked down the October 2nd Sunday Morning without hesitation!

They day came! It was a sunny and 75 Sunday morning in Genesee and the Evergreen Terrace was tucked away with sun shining through the evergreen trees surrounding James and Aubrey’s “Elegant-Forest” decorated ceremony space. The benches were filled with family and friends, all comfortable enclosed by towering evergreens. They had the most beautiful ceremony  they could have imagined filled with special songs and readings presented by beloved family members.

The ceremony was  followed by a very spacious reception even for their 175 guest count with windows as walls exposing the beautiful rolling hills of Genesee.  A master pancake chef cooked pancakes on the patio as guests lined up to get their fill of breakfast food at their brunch-themed reception. James and Aubrey’s guests talked about how good the food was maybe even more than their beautiful ceremony!  Friends and family still comment months later how amazing the food was. Although their day went by in a blink like all weddings seem to do for the newlyweds, it was everything they dreamed, filled with sunshine, beautiful nature, and wonderful, incredibly friendly staff doing everything they could to make sure the day was perfect.


Photographers: Tommy Cowan with T5 Photography and Second Shot by Jo Julia Photography
Flowers: Lindsay Culkin with Fairy Tale Floral
Cupcakes: Heidi Tait-Hamilton
DJ: DJ Connection
Dress: Lillian West